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Molding question- proper height of chair rail? - Houzz The chair rail will be above the floor with two different heights. Should it be low to match the height in family room or high to match the height in 

How to determine where to place a chair rail - A Pinch of Joy No dining chair is that short so a chair rail installed at that height is pointless As long as you keep the rail close to that ideal distance, it will be 

Chair Rail Height: Avoid This Common Mistake Moldings Chair rail height is 36 inches to save the wall from chair dings, right? Not really. Architecturally correct chair-rail height as well as molding proportions.

Do Chair Rails Have an Ideal Height? - Old House Web Ever noticed a chair rail that just looks off? It may not be following the measurement rules. Read on to find what your ideal height may be.

Using The Golden Ratio To Determine Paneling Height That's the one where you see wainscot go up the wall about 1/3 and be capped by a proper chair rail. I answered that question in detail at 

What Is Best Height For Chair Rail With 9 Ceilings? - YouTube For me, a good rule of thumb is to install chair rail molding at 25. What height should Home improvement do chair rails have an ideal height?

Let the Great Chair Rail Height Debate Begin! - JLC-Online Forums Correct me if I'm not understanding it properly,but to simplify,they seem to be saying that chair rail height should be approximately 1/5 of the 

Install a Chair Rail how-tos DIY Chair rail can be placed anywhere from 30 to 36 inches up from the floor. To determine the correct chair rail height, consider two factors: chair height and wall 

How to Install Chair Rail - Bob Vila Before you purchase materials, determine how much molding you'll need by measuring the length of your walls at the appropriate chair rail height. As a general 

Correct Height for Chair Rail and Wainscot JLC Online Carpentry Q: What's the correct height for chair rail and wainscot? A: Gary Katz, editor of ThisIsCarpentry and a presenter at JLC Live, responds: The short 

How Far Up to Install a Chair Rail in a Bedroom Home Guides SF A standard wall height is approximately 8 feet from floor to ceiling, or 96 inches. The height of the chair rail falls between 26 and 32 inches, depending on your 

Chair Rail Height Molding For Chair Rails Home Improvement Chair rail height is 36 inches to save the wall from chair dings, right? Not really. Here's how to determine the correct height. Image: The Brent Hull Companies.

Chair Railing Basics - Pictures, Dimensions, Designs - The Spruce But chair rail now is used as more of a design element than a practical device for protecting walls. You can look at chair rail height from either 

Where to Install a Chair Rail - WSJ As ceiling heights become more august in newly constructed houses, I think many people feel they must raise the height of the chair rail to be