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PLP Architecture proposes London's first wooden skyscraper - Dezeen 300 metre tall wooden skyscraper Oakwood Tower at Barbican by PLP to meet the fire regulations in place for concrete and steel buildings, 

Get Ready for Skyscrapers Made of Wood. (Yes, Wood) WIRED Wood is architecture's hottest new (old) material. 1/11The River Beech Tower is a conceptual wooden skyscraper that's 80 stories tall. Chicago has always been a city defined by metal and concrete, but now, an ambitious 

BUILDINGS: Saving America's forests one wooden high-rise at a A 12-story high-rise built primarily of wood is set to go up in Portland for wooden high-rises in a U.S. market dominated by concrete and steel.

Building wood towers: How high is up for timber structures Concrete and steel still rule the world of mid- and high-rise construction. The resulting “Survey of International Tall Wood Buildings” catalogues 10 novel 

In France, Architects Are Choosing Timber Over Concrete - CityLab From Bordeaux to Paris, concrete is losing its cachet. partner at the architecture firm Art & Build, whose latest wooden office building opened in Paris's One of the projects leading the way is the Hypérion tower, an 18-story 

Wooden Buildings as Strong as Steel - Newsweek Buildings as high as 12 stories made from wood—or, more specifically, domain of steel or concrete—with engineered wood, or “mass timber,” has . Living in a wooden high-rise might raise fears that the building could go 

America's First Wood High-Rise Building to Debut in Portland America's First Wood High-Rise Building to Debut in Portland mixed-use building—a collaboration between local firm Lever Architecture and than materials like concrete or steel, timber has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

10 exceptionally tall wood buildings MNN - Mother Nature Network Baobab is an all-wood skyscraper project proposed for Paris. a soaring Gothic cathedral and a 1960s-era concrete communications tower 

The First All-Wood High-Rise Buildings Are Going Up In The United In New York and Portland, two high-rise buildings will be made not from concrete or metal, but a throwback material: good old trees.

Tall Wood Buildings Michael Green « Inhabitat – Green Design 1/2. Tall Wood Buildings Michael Green. To date, mid-rise and high-rise buildings have typically been constructed from concrete and steel.

Urban jungle: wooden high-rises change city skylines as builders fire resistant and carbon-sequestering. Mass timber could prove to be a viable alternative to concrete and steel for mid-to-high rise buildings.

The World's Most Advanced Building Material Is Wood Popular Swedish authorities have approved a 34-story wood tower in Stockholm, architects to see who can build the next tallest wood high-rise, says Frank Lam, Compared with steel or concrete, CLT, also known as mass timber, 

Portland tower becomes first timber high-rise to gain planning in the News: Portland timber tower receives permission Buildings with load-bearing wooden structures over 85 feet (30 that wood is taking over from steel and concrete as the architectural wonder material of the 21st century.

High Rises Made of Wood? - Scientific American Tall timber buildings could produce fewer emissions and sequester carbon A wood skyscraper might sound like a bad idea—and potentially a giant tinderbox. building) than traditional materials such as steel and concrete.

An all-wood high-rise tower from Perkins + Will architect Snapp - In The world's tallest wooden high-rise? It's his in 1885, skyscrapers have been constructed with steel and, more recently, reinforced concrete.

High-Rise Wooden Buildings May Help Make Cities More - Seeker Tall wood construction is less carbon intensive than concrete or steel, but it will likely take a major cultural shift for builders and architects to